Easy 90 Minute Bread Recipe

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Im very excited to try this recipe from Dont Waste The Crumbs! Yum-o. Today we are going to learn how to make Man Bread. I think its called Man Bread because it was invented by a man and because even a man that doesnt know his way around the kitchen will have success with this easy recipe. Thats perfect for us ladies who arent master chefs either!

This bread only takes 90 minutes to make. It doesnt have any refined sugar and is sweetened with honey and coconut oil. Not t0o unhealthy as far as bread goes. Lol. Bring on the carbs! (p.s.- no bread maker required!)

Have you ever heard of campfire bread? It is another easy one. The only difference is that these easy recipes are made…in the great outdoors! I shouldve been a cowboy! Then Id have more reasons to make bread recipes shown here.

Heres the link to the recipe…

Dont Waste The Crumbs: 90 Minute Man Bread

Dont Waste The Crumbs: 90 Minute Man Bread