Little Boy Wouldnt Stop Ramming an Adult in Checkout Line, So Man Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

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by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Kids act like kids. Sometimes lots of fun. Other times irritating in the extreme.

The child in this video was clearly acting badly, repeatedly hitting a man in a supermarket checkout line with his mini cart.

Mom was not helping and perhaps even encouraged the bad behavior (more on that later).

But what the man did to retaliate was a big shock and actually had many people applauding him.


On IJR, some commenters blamed the man for acting as immature as the kid:

Whos the child here? The man showed terrible restaint, and acted worse than the kid! Wendy S

But by far, most commenters blamed the kid but especially the mom for not stopping him, with one even accusing her of encouraging the kid:

You kidding me? That man doesnt need to grow up at all. That kid just learned a valuable lesson about consequences for actionsand that should have been taught by the mother standing right there. Charles Hurst

Did anyone see the mom give the kid a tap, encouraging the child to do it again?! I did. Watch her hand tap the child on the shoulder Evan

I was in a store once and a kid kept doing the same thing. I tried to stop him and his mother just stood there and said nothing.I kept trying to hold the buggy and told him to please quit because it hurt. He wouldnt so I pushed back and knocked the little sucker on the floor. Yes I am smother and grandmother and if my kids did that I would open a can of whoop asks on them Ann H. Brown

He should have poured the milk on the mother. The idiot should control her heathen! That is why we have so many thugs ! Lazy parents that do not make their brats behave! Linda

Child should have received a butt whoopin from his mother long before the milk incident… kid was out of control Kevin Reutzel

What do you think? Out of line, or appropriate? Wrong target for the milk bath?

[h/t IJR]