North Carolina Poll Workers Allow IMPOSTORS Access to Ballots TWENTY Times (Video)

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by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

North Carolina is a key American swing state that is wide open to massive election fraud.

Last Thursday we posted a shocking video from investigative reporter James OKeefe showing how Democrat campaign workers for Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) were urging illegal aliens to vote. One worker was forced to resign yesterday, and several may face felony charges as a result.

Now OKeefe has a new video, demonstrating in stunning fashion, just how easy it would be to commit mass voter fraud in North Carolina with potentially hundreds of thousands of votes. All because N.C. lacks a voter ID law.


Of the stunning video which proves why every state, but especially key swing states like North Carolina need photo voter ID laws, OKeefe said:

Of all of the undercover investigations Ive conducted, this was by far the easiest. They were willing to pass out fraudulently obtained ballots like it was Halloween candy. With almost three-quarters-of-a-million inactive voters and no Voter ID law in place, we could have turned the election results for most major candidates in the state. What we uncovered in this video illustrates how easy it would be for a well-orchestrated campaign with no regard for the law to change the outcome of a major election. Voter laws across the country need to be changed immediately to prevent this sort of potential voter fraud.

They have changed the outcomes of major elections. They will likely steal a key Senate race tomorrow, as they did for Senator Al Franken back in 2008. This is likely how Democrats stole North Carolina for Barack Obama in 2008 with illegal votes, , according to a major study by the Washington Post.

And it looks like theyre at it again: Kenric Ward reports for Watchdog that early voting began last Thursday, Oct. 24, in North Carolina, and already the states election board had found 154 ineligible non-citizen voters on its poll lists.

We must have voter ID laws nationwide as one of the new Congress very first acts.

If you see or hear of any voting fraud or irregularities tomorrow, please send them to us at: