What Phil Robertson Just Said About Jesus is Going VIRAL

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by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

The incomparable Phil Robertson was the recipient of this years Andrew Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment Award at CPAC, the conservative conference, and he gave a speech that brought the house down.

Phil came out guns blazing. And no matter how you feel about the Robertsons (and even some on the right say he is too religious), his common sense cuts to the heart of every subject he discusses.

That and he really doesnt care one bit what his critics think of him:

I sincerely love you, Robertson said. And by the way, my love for you is not contingent on how you feel about me. You say, Well what if we hate your guts? Do you still love us? Sure. You say, You love us, and youre not worried about how we feel about you , not one bit. Dont forget that.

Robertson used his platform tonight to address the criticisms that hes too spiritual with a serious history lesson for liberals.

He didnt just quote scriptures. He quoted our Founding Fathers, George Washington in particular:

Almighty God, we make our earnest prayer that thou will keep the United States in Thy holy protection. And Thou will incline the hearts of the citizens – Im reading you, Grand Old Party, what the Founding Father of your nation said That the citizens cultivate a spirit of subordination and obedience to government and entertain a brotherly affection of love for one another and for their fellow citizens of the United States at large.

And particularly for their brethren who have served at in the fields the veterans. Finally that he would most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy, and to demean ourselves with that charity, humility, and pacific temper of mind, which were the characteristics of the Divine Author hes talking about Jesus of our blessed religion, and without a humble imitation of whose example in these things, we can never hope to be a happy nation.

Obviously, George Washington was pretty religious, Robertson said. What do you think?

After Phil made his case, he said we need spiritual leaders running the country. The constitution was designed for a spiritual people.

All of these isms, atheism, agnosticism, humanism, post modernism, materialism, idealism, naturalism what is all that about? Trying to get around what I just told you. Your Founding Fathers were godly. So am I. You said, Phil, youre like George Washington. Youre like Thomas Jefferson. Yeah. Im just saying they were godly. They founded the greatest nation on earth for crying out loud!

Amen. And then he hammered home the most memorable quote of this years conference:

Love God, Robertson continued. Stand on the world of God. This Bible. Hold on with both hands the Constitution of the United States. Hold on to your weapons. Thats what brought us here. Thats what will keep us here. If you mess with that, GOP, if you dont have spiritual men like the guys I quoted If you dont have spiritual men making political decision, youre going to lose this country.