Birthday Emergency? Try This No-Bake Cake With Just Two Ingredients

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2 ingredient cake

No birthday is complete without a delicious cake. Yum. Its not a party without whipped sugary goodness. I think birthdays are natures way of telling us to eat more cake and that is fine by me because its one of my favorite foods. There are so many elaborate and fantastic cakes out there. The tutorials are brilliant, the pictures are perfect, and they taste like a little bit of heaven. Its enough to make a girl swoon. But what happens when you dont have the time, energy, or patience and need something ASAP? Why, you make a simple no-bake 2 ingredient cake of course!

Is that even possible? Yes and so clever! All you need are is 2 raised donuts (one with sprinkles), and some whipped frosting. This cake is perfect for those emergency situations. Cough, you forgot someones birthday, cough. (Not that Ive ever done that.) What is your favorite flavor of birthday cake? Your designs can be elaborate or simple but ultimately its the flavor that counts. My favorite flavor is strawberry. There are a bunch of recipes out there but here is one that I havent tried but would like too.

Heres the video… Enjoy!