This University May EXPEL Students for Flying Old Glory Outside Dorm Room

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No longer can a person fly the Confederate flag with pride after the South Carolina church shooting that was carried out by mentally ill man Dylann Roof.

Its a shame the whole situation but its part of the PC world we currently find ourselves living in.

San Diego State University has set their sights on another flag.

Old Glory.

I hope you find this as reprehensible as I do…

From Breitbart:

San Diego State University may expel two students for flying a U.S. flag, along with military flags, from their dormitory balcony.

Cameron Box, a sophomore who is also an active duty Coast Guard member, and Connor Fenwick, a junior who hopes to become an officer in the U.S. Army, claim that they are exercising their First Amendment rights, but the school claims that the flags have become a safety issue for the building.

According to local ABC News affiliate 10 News, the students are accused of violating a San Diego State University housing agreement that stipulates: No items, except patio furniture designed for outdoor use, may be placed on balconies and patios. Hangings, partitions, or curtains of any type may not be used on balconies or patios.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will not defend the students. Big, um, surprise there. After all its not like they hung the Mexican flag.

Just imagine that these kids were flying the divisive gay pride flag. Not only would they be lauded as pioneers for taking a stand over LGBT rights, theyd probably be given full-ride scholarships for the rest of their time at SDSU.

Did you think conservatives were kidding when we said the American flag would be the next target for the Left?

Heck, a student was just suspended from school for wearing an American flag t-shirt, for goodness sakes!

All this anti-American propaganda directly stems from Barack Obamas willingness to make our country less powerful and more sensitive, and its a shame that so many people take for granted how lucky they are to live here.

Box and Fenwick serve this nation (or want to), so why shouldnt they be allowed to fly the stars and stripes with pride?

Theres no logical answer.

I dont give a darn what the housing agreement stipulates, because its bogus! Youre telling me that ugly, college kid patio furniture is acceptable, but Old Glory has to go?

No, bro.


Meanwhile, Ahmed Mohamed brings a clock that looks like a bomb into school, and he gets praised by Lefties the world over for…what, exactly?

This is just another way for our education system to repress free speech in order to make impressionable kids believe that patriotic Americans are bigots and racists, while indoctrinating them with the notion that the United States (and her views about capitalism) are bad.

Its all connected.