Ukrainian Artist Kseniya Simonova Works Magic with Sand

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Ukrainian Artist Kseniya Simonova Works Magic with Sand {Video}

I’ve watched plenty of performances on America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent. Some are mediocre, others are phenomenal — but most of them are pure pop culture. They’re entertainment for the masses, and there is nothing wrong with that — but sometimes it leaves me wanting more. I end up wanting to learn something about history and humanity, to have something to think about after I walk away from the TV. The reality is that many of these performances will end up forgotten in a hundred years. But some will live on for ever. Such is the performance of Kseniya Simonova on Ukraine’s Got Talent.


I actually first saw this performance from Ukraine’s Got Talent many years ago — but I stumbled across it again the other day and it instantly all came back to me. Artist Kseniya Simonova tells a story using nothing more than sand and light. Her live “animation” is mesmerizing in its beauty and in the raw intensity of the emotions it transmits. Her story about the Great Patriotic War in Russia (WWII) will move you to tears, as will the beauty and uniqueness of her medium. Chances are good that you have never seen anything like this before. And I think you will agree that it is spectacular.

Once you watch this wonderful, thought-provoking video, you will never forget it. What an incredible art form and what a talented, contemplative woman. One thing I can say, and that is that Ukraine has definitely got talent. I’m not sure how I could set this up in my own home, but I would love to learn to do this kind of art. I think this would make an incredible hobby! It’d be so much fun to learn to tell these kinds of stories and upload them to YouTube!